100% Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Block – 4′ x 6′ x 9′ All Natural, Sustainable, Beautiful and Super Supportive for All Yoga Levels

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Improve your yoga practice at any level! Get into proper alignment using a yoga block and move more confidently and safely into poses. This all natural cork yoga block can enhance your enjoyment and progress during all types of yoga from Ashtanga to Vinyasa and everything in between. 100% Non-Toxic, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Natural, and 100% Stylish! Yes you really can live in harmony with your ecological ideals while using your Gaia Guy cork yoga block. Did you know that the cork forests where the cork comes from help prevent soil erosion? These forests also increase the absorption of rainfall and act as a barrier to desertification. An EVA foam blocks quite literally can’t stand up to cork yoga blocks. One other fun fact is that the process of harvesting cork actually encourages the tree to store even more carbon which it utilizes to make more bark. You could say that by practicing yoga with a Gaia Guy cork block you are doing as much for your back bends as you are for making sure we all don’t end. Thank you!. The preferred choice for newbies, yogis and yoga studios. The sturdiness and natural traction (even better when wet!) of cork on your hand, mat or floor makes it one of the best and safest materials you can use and use confidently. Cork blocks are solid yet comfortable. This block will likely last as long as the practitioner and then some. You may even be passing your blocks down to a young yoga enthusiast. Imagine that! Your Gaia Guy 4’x6’x9’Cork Yoga Block is ready for you! Just add to your lovely virtual shopping cart and they’ll be part of your yoga practice in virtually no time at all. Order now and enjoy the 100% money back guarantee because bringing peace of mind to you is something we are totally mindful of.


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