CO-Z 2 Yoga Straps Pilates Multi-grip Daisy Chain Stretching Belts

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Product Description

Yoga Stretching Straps Our durable straps feature multiple loops, making them great for deep and gradual stretching. They can work on your whole body, including the spine, shoulders, arms, legs and hamstrings, effectively helping you relieve muscle pain and stiffness while providing toning and flexibility training. Can be widely used in yoga, Pilates, climbing, rescue, etc. , the straps are perfect portable workout tool that you can take with you anytime, anywhere. They also make for great extended straps for the yoga trapeze. Specifics: Material: DacronColor: Red Size: 51′ x 0.63′ Thickness: 0.12′ Weight: 3.5 oz Bearing Capacity: 23KN


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