Infinity Strap DVD – Basic Yoga and Instructional Guide

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This is an Instructional Guide DVD for the Infinity Strap products. It also contains 1 hour of Basic Yoga instructional guidance. List of Postures included on DVD: Opening, Knee to Chest, Extended Hand to Foot ,Bridge, Seated Warm up, Cow Face, Cat and Cow, Rabbit, Downward Facing Dog, Plank, Yoga Push up, Forward Fold, Half, Sun Salutation, Low Lunge, Warrior Two, Wide Legged Forward Fold, Warrior,, One and Humble Warrior, Dancer Prep, Dolphin, Locust, Quad Stretch, Seated Bound Angle, Head to Knee, Seated Forward Fold, Reclining Twist, Knees to Chest, Legs up the Wall, Final Relaxation


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