Microfiber Yoga Towel, Non-Slip, Sweat Absorbent, Improves Your Grip, Protects Your Mat

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?•STAY COMFORTABLE WHILE GETTING FIT- Bikram, Ashtanga and Hot Yoga are great for fitness and muscle tone. Sweat is not a problem as the moisture wicking fibers prevent water puddles and keep you comfortable. When you are done, just throw it in the washing machine.•DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE- It’s easier to turn your attention inward when there are no distractions from the outside. Using a yoga towel ensures a stable, slip free foundation to practice on.You can try more challenging poses with no concern of losing your footing.•RELAX- Put a hygienic, personal barrier between you and a studio yoga mat, or between you and your personal yoga mat, to prolong its life.It’s lightweight, resistant and easily portable.?•You feel ready to try more intense types of yoga, such as Hot Yoga and you need extra absorption and grip in order to remain focused•You want to use a community mat provided by your gym or exercise class. The yoga towel is a sanitary barrier between you and the mat, and also much more convenient to carry, as it is much more compact and lightweight.•You want to be more comfortable in shavasana•You want to extend your yoga mat’s life by protecting it. The EVO Yoga towel is designed to completely cover most yoga mats;•You want to start fresh every day. Cleaning your yoga mat is a drag, but the towel is machine washable, so you save up time and energy?Forget about sweaty palms, embrace the comfortable feeling.Never lose your footing in wide stance poses.Starting fresh every day is easier than ever


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