(Multi Colors for Choosing) 3/5 Inch (15mm) Eco-friendly Thick Yoga Mats Exercise Mat with a Carry Sling

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Product Description

Product Introduction: 1. This yoga mat provides excellent support for knees, back and ankles while performing exercise routines 2. This yoga mat will increase your level of functional fitness 3. This durable yoga mat provides a comfortable practice area 4. This exercise yoga mat is easy to carry and transport 5. You will become much healthier with this yoga mat 6. Comfortable, low-profile non-slip shoulder pad with quilted detail 7. Convenient side handles on both ends of tote 8. Large, comfortable NBR mat. Breathable, mesh tote, flexibility and smooth 9. Get fashionably fit with the yoga mat & bag! Designed for its easy portability and attractive style, you’ll be energized to put it to use 10. Good for most types of floor exercise in which a soft, padded surface eases the pressure on the body 11. Bag includes a quick-open drawstring top with grommets,Heavy-duty, full length reverse zippers Product Detail: 1. Conditions: New 2. Material: NBR 3. Demensions: ( 171 x 58 )’ / ( 67.32 x 22.83 )cm (L x W) 4. Thickness: 0.59 ‘ / 1.5 cm 5. Weight: 45.89 oz / 1301 g 6. Half Reticulation Bag Demensions: ( 65 x 21 )’ / ( 25.59 x 8.27 )cm (L x Diameter) 7. Colors for choosing: Pink, Red, Black, Purple, Green, Blue. Package Includes: 1 x Yoga  Mat


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