Women’s Seamless Sports Bra High Impact Pocket Yoga Bras

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Product Description

Vermilion Bird Seamless High Impact Sport bras with chest pocket provides a comfortable feeling rather than support. -The high impact sport bras normally fits for sleeping, lazy-day wearing and sports which are not intense like yoga,jogging ,Running Sportand weight training.-Seamless design to minimize chafing,and the Yoke knit with high modulus power stitches to reduce breast movement.-Racerback gives maximum freedom of movement;The Material of this sport bra are lightweight,super soft,smooth and stretchy.-Great well made quality, all stitching is very comfortable for extended wear.The material absorbs sweat well and doesn’t make you feel sticky and wet.the soft padding gives a nice shape and allows for a sheer top over it.It’s very easy to clean and dry after a few washes it’s still holding up very well.


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