Yes4All Set of 2 – 8ft Yoga Strap with D-ring Set

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Comfortable cotton Yoga Strap Super soft cotton brings the most comfortable contact against your hands, feet and skin compared to other straps. Will not rub harshly or cause abrasion but feel light and comfy like a feather touching your skin. Soft yet Durable Do not let its softness fools you, this one is super durable and built to handle even the most vigorous workout and last for a life time. Believe it or not, the strap does give you tight stretchy feel but returns to original shape after use. Double D-ring Buckles Double Strong metal D rings does not slip, tighten the loop while you are in a pose. Easy to use buckles help you to hold the strap securely in place just where you adjust it. Multifunctional YOGA Strap • Perfect for making use of the full poses, deepening into high level yoga postures and practices. In fact if you do some poses without a yoga strap, then there is a risk of a torn ligament or muscle. Grasp one and enjoy Yoga without getting hurt. • Best use for dynamic stretching, warm up. • Convenient for basic stretching at the office and physical therapy. Dimensions: 1.5” wide, 8 feet long- the most popular length, and ideal for most people. How to use Yoga Strap: Bring the two D-ring together, thread through 2 D rings together, and then you loop through the top one And then thread it through and the pressure from the inside will hold it tight. To make it tighter to pull the top one. TO make it looser to pull the bottom one.


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