Yoga Backpack by LISH – Adjustable Crossbody Yoga Mat Bag for Travel, Hiking, Biking

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How to Choose a Gym Bag Your bag is your first gym partner. It pays off to be selective when choosing the right bag for you.If you’re having trouble choosing, here are three key factors that make the LISH Yoga Backpack the perfect gym bag: Material – A gym bag should be sturdy. The last thing you want is a torn strap or poorly placed hole to diminish your gym experience. The thick polyester construction of the LISH Backpack can hold the weight of all your pre and post work out necessities, and is long lasting, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your gym bag anytime soon. Additionally, this backpack is available in a variety of bright, vivid colors, to match your unique sense of style. Functionality – The best gym bags need not be solely confined to the gym. The LISH Yoga Backpack was designed to become your go-to bag, regardless of the adventure. The crossbody design helps make this bag great for the daily commute, hiking, or travel. Storage space – Finally, the mark of a great gym bag is how much it can hold. Do all the necessities fit well? Can you carry everything you need? The LISH Yoga Mat Backpack is thoughtfully designed and features well placed storage pockets throughout the bag, allowing you to carry everything you need without the chaos.  The star here is the yoga mat pocket, which stretches out to accommodate a large mat, and folds up out of the way, secured by a durable snap closure.Pack the Perfect Gym Bag Whether you’re going to the gym to get your zen on or to hit the weights, half the battle is ensuring you have all the necessities with you. But what exactly should you take? Here’s an easy to follow guide to help maximize your time and workouts. 1.   Water Bottle – You can’t work out hard if dehydrated, and nobody wants to buy water every time they hit the gym. Bringing your own water bottle not only saves you money, but it’s good for the planet as well! 2.   Headphones – For when you need a little extra motivation, and a whole lot less distraction. Having your favorite song or perfect playlist turned up is a great way to get into – and get through – your workout. 3.   Yoga Mat – Sometimes, you need to just relax and get your zen on, but you might not want to borrow a mat from the gym. The LISH Yoga Backpack makes it easy to bring your mat with you wherever you roam, thanks to the large, dual-buckle yoga mat pocket that unsnaps and folds out when ready for use, or stays tucked away when not. 4.   Extra Clothes – You probably don’t want to commute home in the same, sweaty clothes you worked out in. Bringing a change of clothes will keep you feeling fresh as you leave the gym, and keeping all of it separated will help prevent your bag from getting that gym bag funk. 5.   Gym Towel – Keeping a towel on hand makes it easy to dry off after strenuous workouts. Additionally, you can use your towel to quickly wipe down equipment after you’re done, as well as avoid any towel fees your gym requires. 6.   Toiletries – Leave the gym just as fresh as you entered it! Storing travel sized toiletries in your gym bag not only frees up space, but allows you to shower at the gym using your own toiletries.


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