Yoga Blocks: Lightweight, Comfortable, 9′ x 6′ x 4′

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Product Description

Bend with confidence! YogaRat’s comfy foam yoga block will be a great practice partner when you need a little extra stability. Place beneath your hands, feet, or hips to help maintain balance and deepen your poses. If you have your own yoga mat, it makes sense to have your own yoga block. Having your own YogaRat yoga block contributes to your personal hygiene and sense of well being, because the only person using it will be you. Nontoxic, microbiostatic (microbe resistant) EVA foam material is closed-cell in construction so it won’t absorb moisture. Cleans easily with a mild soap solution. YogaRat’s yoga block is ultra-light and has a softer construction than many other yoga blocks, giving you a little more comfort as you practice, while making it an excellent choice for travel.


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