Yoga Gloves AND Socks COMBO PACK | Yoga Gear for Women & Men | by Mato & Hash

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To hold all of the best yoga poses without slipping you will need to have a firm grip on your yoga mats! This is where the Mato & Hash yoga gear for men and women come in handy. These non-slip yoga socks and yoga gloves are a must-have for your collection of yoga gear for women and men. Gloves: Holding poses like downward dog, on the now slick yoga mat is a challenge. The cure? Mato & Hash Yoga Gloves. Our grip pattern focuses on palm and finger traction so you’re not perpetually sliding out of position or feeling your gloves ride up. With these yoga gloves, not only do you get superior grip with added stability and improved balance on any surface, but the cotton/polyester blend helps absorb perspiration. And since our yoga gloves are fingerless, they allow you to still feel the surface your hands are touching. Socks: Your feet have five toes, why not your socks? Mato & Hash Yoga Toe Socks keep your toes separated for improved circulation, balance, and flexibility. Much more hygienic than bare feet on slippery yoga studio floors, and with full-sole rubberized grip pattern you’ll have superior traction on slick surfaces. Breathable fabric composed of 75% cotton, 22% polyester, and 3% spandex cools your feet and keeps moisture off, reducing your risk of foot fungus. All this together makes these perfect for on the go – no need to carry around your yoga mat anymore.


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