Yoga Socks Non Slip With Grip, Cotton – 2 Pairs, S/M L/XL (Both Sizes in 1 Box).

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Do you look for the yoga mat every time you think of doing Yoga or Pilates? Or Is the fear of slipping always on your mind while doing daily chores? Abcosports socks are crafted with high-quality material that is non-slippery and gives you a snug and comfortable fit. All our products are designed to solve the problems that you face daily and impact the quality of your life. Hygienic Way to Enjoy Yoga These yoga socks make it easy to do yoga and other physical activities without the need of a yoga mat. No need to carry yoga mat with you everywhere, simply put on your stylish and effective yoga sock, and enjoy yoga in a hygienic way. Keep your foot safe and secure Abcosport yoga socks provide a hygienic alternative to bare feet. These provide secure foot placement of the feet on the floor. These ankle length stylish yoga socks keeps your foot safe and secure and the moisture reducing fabric keeps the yoga socks hygienic and odorless. Provides improved blood circulation & airflow The highly breathable elastic sock improves the blood circulation and reduces the moisture as it provides better airflow. These yoga socks provides a better alternative to the traditional socks. Multiple Use These socks can be used for a number of physical activities from Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Martial Arts/ Kickboxing to Crossfit. These are suitable for anyone looking for non-slippery socks that can be worn throughout the day, or while travelling long distances. ORDER NOW to get this comfortable & snug fit, ankle length yoga socks and get it delivered to you in 2-3 days.


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