YogaAccessories 8′ Pinch Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

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Product Description

Yoga straps and belts are useful for yogis of all levels. The durable plastic pinch buckle literally locks your strap in place; we created the buckle mechanism to be fully adjustable ? making quick and effective adjustments so easy that you can do it with one hand! One reason people stay away from starting yoga is they believe they are not flexible enough. What they don’t realize is that yoga is not about flexibility, but about strengthening the body to join with the mind and spirit. Yoga straps help achieve this goal by making a pose attainable from the onset until flexibility is achieved. Belts provide length, enabling you to grasp limbs that are otherwise too far away. Our YogaAccessories Cotton Yoga Straps are 1.5” wide, providing maximum comfort and preventing constricted circulation. Our 6 foot strap is suitable for most yogis, but if you are over 6 feet tall, we offer this same exact yoga strap in a 8 foot option.


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